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Josh Trevino

MD 10000

blog states goal as "to construct a Republican majority"

Below excerpted from the Red State website, http://www.redstate.org/story/2004/7/10/122032/263:

In little more than two years, we have seen blogs blossom into a public square for the open exchange of ideas and opinions. Blogs are already a revolutionizing force, changing the way opinion-makers interact with new ideas ... defining candidates and campaigns in a critical election year ... and planting the seeds of democracy around the world.

RedState.org is focused on politics, and seeks the construction of a Republican majority in the United States. We hope to unite serious, innovative, and accomplished voices from government, politics, activism, civil society, and journalism to participate in this work.

In the past year, the dangerous perception has arisen that blogs are predominantly a venue for community and activism on the Left. Catchphrases such as "the liberal talk radio" are bandied about to describe the relevance of the medium that helped elevate Howard Dean to his early heights and continues to fund and support congressional candidates. Accurate or not, this emerging perception must be challenged and defeated. That is what Redstate.org is here to do.