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Shane Cory
Washington Dispatch
Stafford, VA

Suite 106 - PMB 101
325 Garrisonville Road
Stafford, VA 22554
Work: 540-720-9325

conservative political news/comment website

Below from the Washington Dispatch website (http://www.washingtondispatch.com/about.shtml):

The Washington Dispatch (TWD) exists to provide an objective source for news along with a range of unique viewpoints on today's social and political events.

TWD was first published in 2000 and since that time has become a leader of truly independent thought on the Internet. We reach thousands of individuals each day with the work of our columnists and editors. Due to the commitment of our contributors we continue to gain the respect of new readers and other media outlets through our objective nature and an obligation to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Published each weekday, TWD includes specific features designed to increase the interactivity between our readers, writers, and editors. We offer the abilities to communicate directly with each author along with expressing individual views in the form of our forums and polls. Additionally, we have an open door policy for any person desiring to submit their own contributions to the publication.

Future endeavors of the publication include a weekly print publication and a move to unbiased reporting of national news.