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Jonathan Garthwaite
Arlington, VA


1901 N. Moore St.
Suite 205
Arlington, VA 22209
Work: 703-294-6046

Aggregation site for conservative blogs acquired from the Heritage Foundation by Salem Communications

Below from http://www.townhall.com/about/:

"Townhall.com is designed to amplify conservative voices in America's political debates just as the 2006 and 2008 election cycles begin to heat up.

"By uniting the nations' top conservative radio hosts with their millions of listeners, Townhall.com breaks down the barriers between news and opinion, journalism and political participation -- and enables conservatives to participate in the political process with unprecedented ease.

"Townhall.com was launched in 1995 as the first conservative web community. At that time, only a handful of political sites existed and Townhall.com was the first major investment in online activism made by either side. In 2005, Townhall.com split off from The Heritage Foundation in order to expand the scope of Townhall.com's mission to inform, empower and mobilize citizens for political change. Today, Townhall.com is a web site that pulls together news and information from its 120 different "partner organizations," political commentary and analysis from over 100 different columnists, and activism tools developed to empower an active citizenry.

"Townhall.com is the first truly interactive community on the Internet to bring Internet users, conservative public policy organizations, congressional staff, and political activists together under the broad umbrella of "conservative" thoughts, ideas and actions. Townhall.com is a one-stop mall of ideas in which people congregate to exchange, discuss and disseminate the latest news and information from the conservative movement. Townhall.com is committed to inform, educate and empower the public through this emerging electronic medium.

"The member organizations and columnists that we have chosen to feature on Townhall.com do not necessarily agree on every issue, yet that is why Townhall.com believes our community is of value. An interactive, open and honest debate of the issues within the conservative community will help us all in the fight against those who would sacrifice the individual and freedom for political gain and big government.

"Salem Communications is the leading US radio broadcaster targeting the large and growing audience interested in programming related to religion, family and culture and owns and operates 105 radio stations, with 66 stations in 24 of the nation's top 25 metropolitan areas. As the 2006 and 2008 elections approach, Townhall.com and Salem are building a strong, active conservative community by combining the power of the internet with the influence of talk radio. "