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Nicholas Penniman
TomPaine.COM -- Institute for America's Future
Washington, DC

Suite 205
1025 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20036

progressive political opinion website/Schumann backing

Below excerpted from http://tompaine.com/about/:

TomPaine.com is for people who want to keep in touch with the progressive community but don't have time to surf dozens of websites. We do it for you. It's also for people who care about the progressive cause and are looking for an online home. Each day we scour the country, from Capitol Hill to newspapers to think tanks and activist groups, and highlight the news, ideas and actions that you need to stay fully informed. Because we're based in Washington, D.C., expect us to be obsessed with the workings of the nation's capitol. Here's what you'll find on our site:

Well-informed, superbly argued opinion pieces (Opinion ) Overlooked but newsworthy reporting (News Worthy) An insightful house web log of the events, stories, people and political actions driving Washington (Uncommon Sense) Humorous, interesting and outrageous tidbits and visuals you'll want to send to your friends (Pass It On )
. . .
Nicholas Penniman: Editor

Nick Penniman is the editor of TomPaine.com and a program director at the Campaign For America's Future. He was formerly an associate editor of The American Prospect magazine and director of Moving Ideas, a network of leading liberal organizations. Before that, he directed the Alliance for Democracy and worked as editor of a weekly newspaper in Boston, Mass.