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Terry Krepel

watchdog for conservative blogs

From the ConWebWatch website (http://conwebwatch.tripod.com/about.html):

As a veteran of 17 years in professional journalism as a newspaper writer, designer and editor, I know the ins and outs of the business and how it can be used and misused -- and I see how the conservative Internet media is misusing journalism. I became employed by Media Matters for America in July 2004, but ConWebWatch remains my personal venture financially and editorially separate from that organization. Though the focus of ConWebWatch and the criticism contained herein will have some people screaming "liberal," the criticism comes from a journalistic perspective, and ConWebWatch advocates nothing except the truth and proper journalistic behavior. And critics always have the option of proving me wrong. Baseless innuendo and name-calling will be returned in kind or just ignored completely.

Terry Krepel, editor