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Riverbend (Anonymous)
Riverbend -- Baghdad Burning author

"Bloggers are not exactly journalists, which is a mistake many people make. They expect us to be dispassionate and unemotional about topics such as occupation and war, etc. That objective lack of emotion is impossible because a blog in itself stems from passion - the need to sit for hours at one's computer, slouched over the keyboard, trying to communicate ideas, thoughts, fears and frustrations to the world." The blogger known as "Baghdad Burning" in an April 7, 2006 interview with an Aljazeera reporter

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anonymous blogger fromIraq/April book published

Bagdad Burning is the nom de plume of a 26-year-old Iraqi woman, an engineer, who was raised abroad and read the classics in English. Maintaining her anonymity to frustrate persecution or arrest, she has been writing what she sees since 2003.

An Aljazeera reporter profiled Baghdad Burning in an April 7, 2006 article.

Below excerpted from the Tuesday, June 21, 2005 passage from Riverbend's blog, Baghdad Burning.

"'The Americans won't be out in less than ten years.' Is how the argument often begins with the friend who has entered the Green Republic. 'How can you say that?' Is usually my answer- and I begin to throw around numbers- 2007, 2008 maximum, Could they possibly want to be here longer? Can they afford to be here longer? At this, T. shakes his head- if you could see the bases they are planning to build- if you could see what already has been built- you'd know that they are going to be here for quite a while.

The Green Zone is a source of consternation and aggravation for the typical Iraqi. It makes us anxious because it symbolises the heart of the occupation and if fortifications and barricades are any indicator- the occupation is going to be here for a long time. It is a provocation because no matter how anyone tries to explain or justify it, it is like a slap in the face. It tells us that while we are citizens in our own country, our comings and goings are restricted because portions of the country no longer belong to its people. They belong to the people living in the Green Republic.

Below excerpted from http://www.feministpress.org/Book/index.cfm?GCOI=55861100869560:

In her riveting weblog, a remarkable young Iraqi woman gives a human face to war and occupation.

In August 2003, the world gained access to a remarkable new voice: a blog written by a 25-year-old Iraqi woman living in Baghdad, whose identity remained concealed for her own protection. Calling herself Riverbend, she offered searing eyewitness accounts of the everyday realities on the ground, punctuated by astute analysis on the politics behind these events.

Riverbend recounts stories of life in an occupied city - of neighbors whose home are raided by U.S. troops, whose relatives disappear into prisons, and whose children are kidnapped by money-hungry militias. The only Iraqi blogger writing from a woman's perspective, she also describes a once-secular city where women are now afraid to leave their homes without head covering and a male escort.

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