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Rep. John Conyers
John Conyers -- Congressional press critic
Alexandria, VA


Conyers for Congress
P.O. Box 17204
Alexandria, VA 17204
Work: 313-438-2004

Michigan democrat / ardent press critic

See Conyers's blog.

See his congressional site.

See his letter to the Washington Post on, and his own account of the hearing on June 16 on the Downing Street Memos about whether the American people were deliberately misled in the lead-up to the Iraq war.

From http://www.bradblog.com/archives/00001414.htm:

Though John Conyers Forum on "Media Bias and Freedom of the Press" today on Capitol Hill continues, live broadcasting via Air America has concluded for the time being. C-SPAN's cameras were there and will hopefully be broadcasting in full sooner, rather than later. We hope to shout out when a time is scheduled on C-SPAN for the broadcast or when it is made available for streaming via their website.

In the meantime, Conyers' office issued his opening statement this morning via a Press Release. He decried the current assault on the Mainstream Media, their lack of willingness to report stories critical of the Administration in power, posited how different things would be if it was the Clinton administration who had lied the world into war, and cited The BRAD BLOG, DailyKos, RAW STORY and Air America as alternative media sources in the "forefront" of those "willing to speak truth to power".

He went on to say, that "these voices are too few and too diffuse to overcome the blatant biases of our cable channels and the negligence and neglect of our major newspapers."