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Dan Behrens
Editor and Publisher
Marysville Journal-Tribune
Marysville, OH


Marysville, OH

family-owned newspaper

From http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGB51RRMHXD.html:

Ohio Family-Owned Newspaper Approaches 100th Anniversary; Represents a Dying Breed

By Mark Williams
The Associated Press
Published: Aug 4, 2004

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (AP) - Dan Behrens is living a century of family history when he proofreads the pages of the Marysville Journal-Tribune, looking for typos, making sure the headlines are correct and the stories make sense. His mother and grandfather did the same before him. And it is a duty that Behrens, 61, newspaper's editor and publisher, plans to eventually pass to a fifth generation in his 30-year-old son, Kevin Behrens, who serves as the newspaper's general manager.

The Behrens family, which marks its 100th anniversary of newspaper ownership in Marysville on Wednesday, is a vanishing breed in an era of growing corporate ownership of newspapers and radio and television stations.