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Timothy Harris
Executive Director
Real Change News
Seattle, WA

2129 2nd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98121
Work: 206-441-3247

12000-circ. seattle streetpaper sold by homeless

See Timothy Harris's speech, Strength in Unity: Street Newspaper Must Not Be Its Own Enemy.

Below from the Real Change website (http://www.realchangenews.org/about.html):

Real Change has many faces, a newspaper, an advocacy group, a Homeless Speakers Bureau, and literary workshops. We do a lot, and all of it is working toward building bridges among the poor, homeless and the greater community, while engaging the broader public in fighting for economic justice. By publishing the newspaper and mobilizing the public around poverty issues, Real Change organizes, educates and builds alliances to find community-based solutions to homelessness and poverty.

Real Change is Seattle's weekly activist publication with an ear to the street. Real Change readers are educated, socially-concerned, and loyal. Our publication is sold by Seattle's homeless, and helps them earn the money they need to get ahead. Each month, more than 200 different vendors are out selling our paper throughout the Seattle area. Real Change is a hand up, not a handout.

Our publication strives to create fairness, opportunity and community by covering issues that socially conscious people want to know about, from topics surrounding poor and homelessness, to stories about labor, the environment, public health and civil liberties (to name a few).