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Douglas Knight
ImpreMedia LLC
New York, NY

Monica Lozano / publisher La Opinion
345 Hudson St. - 13th Floor
New York, NY 10014
Work: 212-807-4785

Lozano family-owned Spanish language dailies

Excerpted from the ImpreMedia Website (http://www.impremedia.com/about/index.html):

-ImpreMedia brings together El Diario La Prensa, La OpiniĆ³n, and La Raza the #1 Spanish language newspapers in the three largest Hispanic markets: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

-The markets we serve are home to almost 14 million Hispanics, which represents 32% of the US Hispanic population.

-Our newspapers are the best read Spanish language papers in the country with a combined readership of 1.9 million unique readers each week.

-ImpreMedia provides marketers with the most effective platform to reach the rapidly growing and influential Latino market.

Excerpted from the ImpreMedia website (http://www.impremedia.com/about/executive.html):

Douglas Knight has been a publishing executive for more than 25 years. He has served as publisher & CEO of Canada's national financial daily, The Financial Post, and of Canada's largest mass-market tabloid, The Toronto Sun. President and CEO of Knight Paton Media Corp. since 2001, Mr. Knight and his partner John Paton advise private equity groups on the acquisition and management of newspapers. He has served on the boards of public and private companies and has been active with a wide range of charitable and industry groups.

See the ImpreMedia website.

impreMedia, LLC is a company backed by a small group of private equity investors, led by Clarity Partners and Halyard Capital Partners. ImpreMedia is the parent company of the award-winning Spanish language newspaper La Opinion. (From http://www.laopinion.com/corporate/company_information/history/index.phtml?lang=en)

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