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Steve Yelvington
Morris DigitalWorks
BlufftonToday.COM -- Steve Yelvington
Augusta, GA

Augusta, GA 40000

"I think there's a real potential for well-funded online-only community sites . . . particularly if they can identify an underserved market and focus on proven Internet revenue drivers, such as classified advertising."

(from http://www.ojr.org/ojr/glaser/1058302459.php)

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example daily-spawned weekly filled w/web-public content

EXCERPT FROM: http://www.yelvington.com/item.php?id=988

BlufftonToday.com is a grand experiment in citizen journalism, a complete inversion of the typical "online newspaper" model, an Internet-powered interactive community center. Here's a short list of what we're doing:

--Everyone gets a blog. Not just staffers, but everyone in the community. LeMonde (France) and the Mail and Guardian (South Africa) are doing this, too. I don't know of others but would appreciate pointers.

--Everyone gets a photo gallery.

--Everyone can contribute events to a shared public community calendar.

--Everyone can contribute recipes to a community cookbook.

--RSS feeds are everywhere -- all the blogs collectively, all the blogs individually, classified ad search results and so forth.