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Gordon Joseloff
WestportNow.COM / Gordon Joseloff
Westport, CT

150 North Ave.
Westport, CT 06880
Work: 203-221-0191

"People appreciate having real-time information," said Gordon Joseloff, a former foreign correspondent for United Press International and CBS News who two years ago started the online-only news site WestportNow, covering Westport, Conn. "It's a ripe field," he says.
Excerpt from Oct. 27, 2005 CNN-Money story (link below)

One of first community-news websites / ex mainstream media person

UPDATE: WestPortNow is among websites profiled in a CNN/Money story Oct. 27, 2005: LINK.

BELOW EXCERPTED FROM: For a Veteran Journalist, a New Town Crier Role by Nathan Alderman (http://www.j-newvoices.org/index.php/site/story/for_a_veteran_journalist_a_new_town_crier_role/):

Gordon Joseloff began covering the news in Westport, Conn., as a teenage reporter for the Westport Town Crier newspaper.

Now, after a journalism career that spans more than two decades and at least three continents, Joseloff has returned to Westport and its population of 26,000 as a new sort of town crier. As founder and editor of WestportNow.com, he leads a group of volunteer writers and photographers in reporting the goings-on of his hometown, from high school football to the troubles of Westport resident Martha Stewart.

WestportNow is one of the first commercial, community-focused Web sites with a veteran journalist as its driving force. The site blends Joseloff's strong community involvement with his decades of journalism experience.

BELOW FROM: The Westport News website (http://www.westportnow.com/about.htm):

WestportNow is Westport, Connecticut's 24/7 news and information source, offering insights into Westport-related news and news of interest to Westporters. Founded in March 2003, it is one of only a handful of non-newspaper, non-broadcast professionally written and edited community news sites in the nation. It is also one of the fastest-growing, making it especially attractive to advertisers seeking to reach the area's highly desirable consumer audience.

Gordon F. Joseloff, editor and publisher of WestportNow, is an award-winning veteran journalist who reported from London, Moscow, Tokyo and other world capitals for United Press International and CBS News for more than two decades.

During a 16-year career at CBS News, he served as a correspondent, senior producer and bureau chief in New York, Moscow and Tokyo. He started at CBS as a writer for Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather and went on to cover some of the world's major news stories - everything from presidential summits and economic conferences to disasters, riots and revolutions.

In Moscow for CBS, Joseloff covered the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the resulting U.S. boycott of the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. He was the first network correspondent into Poland in August 1980 when the Solidarity trade union movement was born led by Lech Walesa.

While in Tokyo for CBS, his coverage included the Soviet shoot down of Korean Air Lines flight 007, the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India (for which he won an Emmy Award in 1984), the Bhopal, India gas leak that killed thousands, the overthrow of President Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, and the illness and death of Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

After returning from overseas in 1989, he coordinated special projects for CBS News in New York and helped organize the network's coverage of the 1991 Gulf War.

Most recently, he was a vice president at Simba Information Inc., a Wilton, Conn. media consulting and publishing firm. While there, he founded and became editor-in-chief of Media Daily, an online publication covering the media and information industries.

Prior to joining CBS News in 1975, he was a correspondent and editor for UPI in New York, London and Moscow. He started as a summer replacement in UPI's Albany, N.Y. bureau in 1964 while in college. He has also written for Time magazine and The New York Times, among others.

Joseloff has been honored by the Writers Guild of America for newswriting.

A 1967 graduate of Syracuse University, Joseloff is now a freelance editor and writer in Westport, Conn., where he is the elected head of the town's 36-member legislative body, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). He was first elected to the RTM in 1991, became Deputy Moderator in 1993, and was elected Moderator in 1995, a post he still holds.

He is also active in other community affairs, including serving as a director-at-large for the Westport Historical Society, and is also a volunteer firefighter and a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician.

Joseloff began his journalism career in Westport working summers as a teenage reporter for the now-defunct Westport Town Crier.

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