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Arianna Huffington
Santa Monica, CA

1158 26th St.
P.O. Box 428
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Work: 310-440-9490

I would never blog anything without checking. It's in my writer's DNA, especially because often I take such controversial stance, whether in my books, for example with my book Picasso: Creator and Destroyer -- acknowledging his genius but taking him on as a human being -- you can imagine how the art world reacted to it. So I took an extra six months to fact-check everything -- so they could question my interpretation, but they couldn't question my facts . . . I feel the more you challenge the status quo, the greater your responsibility to get your facts absolutely right. It just takes one inaccuracy, and then it will be used to discredit you.
Arianna Huffington, in a MediaBistro interview.

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premier "two Americas" columnist, book author, former California gubernatorial candidate and editor of the HuffingtonPost.com celebrity political blog

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This background profile of Arianna Huffington is preliminary
and is authored by MGP writing intern Haley M. Navarro

If Arianna Huffington is anything, it's busy. She is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of a little news website called The Huffington Post, (you might of heard of it), as well as a best-selling author, blogger, political figure, television producer and - most importantly to her -- a mom. (Insert typical day-in-the-life quote.)

The Huffington Post, created and launched in 2005, has an estimated eight million page views a month. For all intents and purposes, the Huffington Post is a blog. Technically, it would probably be an online newspaper, but since readers can become bloggers, comment and interact with the writers, it's a blog. This seems to be the future of journalism -- with the Internet as a tool to connect with the writers as well as keep up with the latest news to the minute, Huffington has commercialized this brand of news.

Under the tagline, "Breaking News and Opinion," the Huffington Post is a tenderly-cared-for-news source. The word "news" varies to some -- with subjects varying from Iran to the recession to what Kim Kardashian is wearing to what might help you lose weight over the holidays, the Huffington Post has a little something for everybody.

One can follow the Huffington Post, or even Huffington herself, on Twitter and Facebook. Bloggers on the "HuffPo" range from supermodels, to actors, to directors, to best-selling authors, to professors and the list goes on.

It's simple, says Huffington: This is the future of journalism. Although nothing can really replace newspapers or magazines, everybody is trying. Huffington has really found her niche with this type of collaborative journalism. Other media outlets have tried to reproduce its functionality, nobody has yet come close to the original.

Arianna Huffington was born Arianna Stassinopoulous in Athens, Greece on July 15, 1950. Her father was a journalist during the German occupation of Greece in World War II, and published an underground newspaper. Arianna moved to London at age 16 to attend Cambridge University. She holds an MA in economics.

In 2006, Huffington was named one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people.

Huffington Post launched May 9, 2005 by the onetime candidate for governor of California as what New York Times reporter Katharine Q. Seelye then called "essentially a nonstop virtual talk show that will be part of a Web site that will also serve up breaking news around the clock." Seelye's article positioned Huffington Post as a from-the-left ideological challenge to The Drudge Report.


MediaBistro Q&A interview with Huffington