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Journalism That Matters:
The DC Sessions
August 7-8, 2007

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  • Journalism That Matters: The DC Sessions

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    A two-day convening of editors, publishers, writers, researchers, academics, students, entrepreneurs, public advocates, independent and "citizen" journalists intent on defining and launching "The Next Newsroom" using open dialogue, break-out task groups and circle-round sharing of ideas and solutions.


    We're convening in Washington, D.C., on Aug 7-8 the action-oriented discussions known as Journalism That Matters. We're intent on building somewhere in the United States an operating prototype of a 21st- century news-organization -- and helping develop an economic model which supports it.

    If you respond to this note before May 31, you may be able to save up to 30% while participating in this capacity-controlled event.


    Join Merrill Brown, Dan Gillmor, Lee Huebner, Peggy Holman, Geneva Overholser, Chris Peck, Jay Rosen, Jim Shaffer, Stephen Silha, Tom Stites, Len Witt and dozens of other supporters of the Journalism That Matters collaborative. We want to offer you a unique opportunity to support -- and be an active participant -- in what could be an important step in the evolution of American journalism and democracy.

    Institutions helping include the School of Media & Public Policy at GWU, the Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst, J-Lab/The Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland, the University of Missouri School of Journalism, the Fowler Chair at Georgia's Kennesaw State University,, the Center for Citizen Media at Harvard's Berkman Center and UC-Berkeley, and others, including friends of the Journalism That Matters (JTM) collaborative, and alumni of its convenings.

    We've scheduled this event right before the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC).

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    Scroll down for more detail. Can we count on your help in August? If the timing is bad for you, feel free to forward this invitation to a person who you feel will add to our purpose.


          The Journalism That Matters collaborative

  • Journalism That Matters: The DC Sessions
  • Journalism That Matters logo
    George Washington University

    Media and Public Affairs Building
    805 21st St. NW
    Washington DC 20003

    Aug. 7-8, 2007
    3 p.m.-9 p.m. Tues.; 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Wed.

    What will happen when only the journalism is left?

    On August 7-8, a select group of editors, publishers, writers, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, public advocates, independent and "citizen" journalists will gather at The George Washington University in downtown Washington, D.C. They will be intent on defining - and launching - "The Next Newsroom." We'll use open dialog, break-out task groups and circle-round sharing of ideas and solutions.

    Neither a conference, nor an "unconference," JTM sessions are a convening of directed conversations with purpose. In under 30 hours, we intend to start an experimental news organization from scratch: Where will it be? What will it look like? Who will own it? How will it run? Together, we will begin to answer these crucial questions: if advertising and journalism continue to decouple, how can we ensure that quality journalism will have its own intrinsic value? How will our newsrooms, classrooms and communities adapt to the new news ecology in which credentialed bloggers cover federal-court proceedings, vloggers to to prison in defense of First Amendment principles and "crowdsourcing" blossoms?


    At this sixth gathering in the Journalism That Matters series, we are fortunate that our sponsors are committed to including student and non-profit voices in the conversation. So we have set aside at least 20 spots for people who might not otherwise be able to afford to join us. If you are a student, a non-profit on a tight budget, a stand-alone citizen journalist, or are part of an underrepresented community, please email to request a fee waiver.

    WHY NOW?

    Journalism is at a crossroads. What will support its basic values, while adapting its practice to new economic, social and technological realities? Yahoo and major news organizations are aligning for the efficient sale of advertising. Across the nation, dozens of citizens are experimenting with new forms of local, web-based journalism and community building. But what is happening, in the nation's traditional newsrooms, and at community blogs, to ensure the vitality and durability of "journalism that matters"?


    Answering that question, and setting the stage for launching at least one teaching prototype of "The Next Newsroom" is the challenge of "Journalism That Matters: The D.C. Sessions." We're going to answer this call:

      "Pick an ideal location, and start a news organization from scratch, using the best-available technology and ideas, and without the obligations or burdens of legacy processes or infrastructure. Where will it be, what will it look like, who will own it, and how will it run?"

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    JOURNALISM THAT MATTERS hosts conversations with a purpose. It engages the entire system of journalism -- reporters, editors, publishers, camera people, photographers, academics and audience, from newspapers, radio, television, and online media, including both mainstream and alternative sources -- with the changing nature and definition of news in a changing world. The point is to recommit journalism to what is fundamental for connecting news with its audience so that it serves and sustains us.