Internship opportunity for UMass undergraduates

Internship Opportunity Help profile "giraffe prospects" fostering participatory democracy and community; meeting Mon., Sept. 8, 2008, 7:30 p.m., Campus Center Lower Level (Room TBD)

Want to help spotlight innovation which is improving American media? Are you trying to figure out where you want to fit in the media landscape of the future? Want to help with the launch of a high-profile new institution serving New England news organizations -- and the public? Volunteer opportunities, plus a small number of academic internships or work-study, are available at The Media Giraffe Project.

The Media Giraffe Project is a grant-funded research project within the journalism program. Our faculty leader and principal investigator is Prof. Norman Sims and Bill Densmore is the director/editor. The MGP finds and spotlights individuals making innovative use of media to foster participatory democracy and community.

To outline the project and the opportunity to the campus community, we are going to hold an informational meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Mon., Sept. 8 in the Campus Center Lower Level (Room TBD). We'll explain the origins and purpose of The Media Giraffe Project, outline the intern/work opportunities available, and ask each prospective intern to talk briefly about their experience and interests. Refreshments will be available.


Since the project start in 2005, each semester we have invited UMass undergraduates in journalism, communications, and in Commonwealth College, to undertake "giraffe prospect" research. This consists of conducting web-based research on specific individuals, phone interviews and then writing profiles.

Previous MGP interns have developed profiles as independent study for academic credit; some have done it as a pure learning experience. This fall our budget may also allow us to provide work-study assignments to two or three interns.

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For more information on the project, or to nominate media "giraffes" worthy of profiling, please contact: