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Canadian regional website raises $30,000 from users and foundation to fund investigative journalism fellowships

A journalism-driven website in Vancouver, B.C., has raised over $30,000 from its users and a foundation in order to start a regional investigative journalism fellowship program. The Tyee, edited by a former Mother Jones magazine editor, David Beers, announced the fund Feb. 19.

BUSINESS MODELS: Tech blogger quits after eight years; says contributions not enough to sustain

An award-winning British blogger, Jason Kottke, is quitting after a year of attempting to make a living by asking for small contributions from readers. He garnered $34,000, he says. Kottke began eight years ago. (READ) --- >

As convergence becomes commonplace, a New York Times tech writer analyzes three points of traditional media anxiety

New York Times technology writer Saul Hansell has written a wrap-up think-piece on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. His theory is that traditional media is deeply anxious about changing business models, consumer creative access to multiple platforms, and loss of control. (ALTERNATE LINK) ---->

In wake of LATimes changes, comments on newspapers and profits

Project on Excellence in Journalism director Tom Rosenstiel, New York Times Editor Bill Keller and newspaper analyst Tom Morton react to the departure of L.A. Times Editor John Carroll. They talk about profit pressures, and what distinguishes newspapers from blogs.
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