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Interview with's Mark Karlin

We've just added another video to our archives. Here, Mark Karlin, editor and publisher of, describes the mission of this progressive, pro-democracy site. He also discusses the user donation funding model and future models for journalism. Karlin was interviewed in 2006 by Bill Densmore, director of the Media Giraffe Project.  Watch interview highlights below, or go here for the full 56 minute version.


Chris Busby of the Portland, ME Bollard on local online journalism

We've added another video to the MGP archives.  Here, Chris Busby, Publisher and Editor of the Portland Bollard, talks about his online venture, The Bollard---its role in filling in gaps left by mainstream media, in providing a different perspective to local issues, and some of its challenges.

Busby was interviewed in 2006 by Bill Densmore, the director of the Media Giraffe Project.  You can read Densmore's article on Busby here.

David Cohn interviewed about

MGP's Sara Majka interviews David Cohn on December 8, 2008, a few months after the start up of his San Francisco-based, micro-funded website,

Joel Kramer from MinnPost

MGP's Sara Majka interviews Joel Kramer in February 2008, two months after the site he founded,, was launched.

AUDIO: Laid-off Kenosha, Wis., reporter seeks advice on starting non-profit online news community

 Denise Lockwood is like thousands of U.S. daily newspaper reporters -- she fell victim to staff reductions. But she's not giving up reporting -- she's pursuing her passion online.

Craig Newmark on Journalism, Media and Craigslist

The MGP has edited and added a new video to our archives. Here, Craig Newmark, founder of, talks about journalism, the economics of media, and Craigslist in August of 2005. Visit Newmark's giraffe profile for a link to a longer video, and also recent links that talk about Newmark's view of his role in the media, and the 2008 Ebay lawsuit.Newmark is interviewed by the Media Giraffe Project's Bill Densmore.

Craig Newmark on Journalism, Media and Craigslist -18 min. founder, Craig Newmark. Newmark discusses media ownership, journalism, and his project, Craigslist, with Media Giraffe Project director, Bill Densmore.


The demand dilemma and news literacy in schools

ADVISORY: Due to a recording error, the audio on this clip must temporarily be played in stereo. If your computer has a speaker which combines the left and right channels, the audio will be very soft. Listen with headphones, or play back only one channel. Or you can listen to the audio only by clicking HERE.

Purchase DVDs from MGP and JTM events

DVD: "The New Pamphleteers" available for $9.50

Are you considering starting up a web-based, local online news resource for your community?

VIDEO: PBS Newshour covers "citizen journalism" in Nov. 2005 report

The PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer aired a Nov. 16, 2005 segment about the "citizen journalism" phenomenon, discussing the Philbrick James Forum, in Deerfield, N.H., the WikiNews project and others. Click to the PBS site to launch the video or view the text.
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